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Our Anglo/French Montessori School

“We should never be complacent in our quest to provide an outstanding education. To do so would be an injustice to our children.”

-Laurent Lavollay-Porter


stablished by Dawn McLachlan, who has more than 23 years’ experience in early years environments, this will be the first bilingual Montessori school in Jersey.

The result of extensive research and listening to feedback from parents, it has been developed in consultation with Laurent Lavollay-Porter, Co-Director of the renowned AMI-accredited Bilingual Montessori School of Paris, with whom we will be affiliated.
In addition to the assistance provided by Dr Sandra Mountford, Early Years Consultant and former Head of Childcare Registration in Jersey, we also received valuable input from Camille Perdereau, Director of the Alliance Française in Jersey.

Having spent time at the Paris school, we have replicated the educational experience to the same exacting standards at The Bilingual Montessori School of Jersey, providing your child with the perfect learning environment based on tried and tested teaching practices.

At a Glance


Fully-trained Montessori directresses

Age range

2 ½ - 6 years

Opening times

9 AM – 3 PM
(term time)
We will also be offering before and after school attendance and holiday clubs.




St Helier, followed by Castle Quay and La Providence

Information evening presented
by Laurent Lavollay-Porter

“Every nursery I’ve owned has been built on the principle of what I would want for my own children.”

-Dawn McLachlan


Our proposed newly established school in St Helier will be the first to offer this approach during term time from September 2019. Guided by a team of directresses, your child will learn all the skills expected from a traditional environment and a lot more. All Montessori directresses will be professionally AMI trained and sourced by Laurent. We already have a Level 6 Montessori directress, Leona Hannon, to help establish the practice.
Each classroom will have specially equipped learning spaces that reflect the Montessori principles, allowing your child to explore, understand and learn. These include child-sized real-world objects such as tea services, boards equipped with shoelaces and buttons and natural materials such as real wood and glass. The emphasis will be on the authenticity of learning materials.

“It’s important to always be re-energising nursery care. What can we improve? How can we educate our children better? The Bilingual Montessori School of Jersey is the answer to these questions.”

-Dr Sandra Mountford

Early Years Consultant

The 50% split between French and English classes means that your child will enjoy total immersion in that language with a native speaking directress. He or she will learn the French alphabet in cursive and the English alphabet in print. We will start by teaching your child to read and write in either English or French, with writing in the second language being introduced at a later stage.
Your child’s education will take place in an ordered, uncluttered environment that is calm and peaceful. The aim is to ensure that both parents and children are happy and relaxed and that learning is a joyful experience.

Extra-curricular activities

Your child will have the opportunity to take part in several activities outside of term time. These are to be confirmed but are set to include:
Additional French lessons to further language skills
Music lessons with Jersey Academy of Music
Ballet lessons with Jersey Academy of Dancing
Pony club for children aged 4+ years, including animal care
Having already received a great deal of interest in our bilingual Montessori school, we will assess on a first come first served basis. You are advised to register your interest at the earliest opportunity.

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